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Carving Pumpkins

Last night David, Caleb and I did all the hard work carving the pumpkins so all we had to do today was take some pictures. Caleb was less that cooperative today, much to my displeasure. Oh well, it happens right? He looooves the red pumpkins eyes so I had to cave later :)


Play Date With Jenna

Caleb went to see Grandma Tonya and then we came over to Coldwater to have a play date with Jenna. Caleb talks a big game about being in love with Jenna but then he sees her and he panics... He gets over it though as you can tell and cant get enough of her-specially her long hair.
They watched Rio together and did flashcards for numbers. After that we ate dinner and made construction paper pumpkins.
Now its back home to put my wore out little guy to bed!


Caleb has been begging me to rake the leaves into a huge pile since summer and I have been promising him for weeks but I have either been sick or have allergies, Im not sure so we just got to it...
It was worth the wait! Now every time he sees leaves he jumps into them and says weeeee!

A Walk

We went for a walk to get some more pinecones and I had to run back into the house to make sure I had enough memory cards to make sure I got the perfect shots! I love this one of my boys!


Family Photos

I couldnt resist!
Earlier this week we were all taking a walk and I was subconsciously plotting out photo ops like usual and found this little spot tucked away in a pine tree forest.
Ive been sick but nothing, I repeat NOTHING will stop me in search of the perfect picture!
I sprang it on my boys this afternoon and this is the result.
The animals needed a little update as well.
I just love the one of Jackson-it screams 'WHAT? The cat food factory workers are on strike?!"


Pumpkin Pictures

After picking the pumpkins out of the garden at Grandpa and Grandmas house we took some pictures :)
Hes going to be a gorilla for Halloween this year and guess what? His costume has a little cheeky area like a monkey butt! So cute.


Off to the farm we go

 Keep up!
 Grandpa's Horses
 A hitch in your get up
Tickle Fit
 Strange faces all day
 Grass angels
 Shaking his booty with Grandma
 He did this the whole way
 Picking out shells
 A boy and his dog
Well we went for a walk down to the river on the farm and I ended up getting some strange yet funny pictures of my little man.